Slow-worms and the Thwarting of Job Creation?

We don't have the details of what happened to the slow-worms or the industrial development. But what really strikes me is that it is not only a question of the choice between slow-worms and job creation. It is also the dithering for months before making that choice.



If the applicant had undertaken a protected species risk assessment in advance of the planning application the presence of slow-worms would have been revealed and appropriate mitigation works could have been undertaken in a timely manner. It appears that the planning authority did their job correctly and requested appropriate survey and mitigation be undertaken. The applicant failed to supply the correct information at the time of their application resulting in delay to their project. Calumma Ecological Services urges developers to commission a biodiversity assessment as early as possible. Applicants should not wait for Local Planning Authorities to request protected species information, since this will enevitably result in delays to projects.