eDNA Sampling for Great Crested Newts

A few notes from the latest Wildlife Licencing Newsletter recently sent out by Natural England. 

Natural England will accept eDNA samples taken between the 15th April and 30th June, provided that animals are active and moving. The test requires GCN to have been recently active in the areas sampled and expert judgement should be applied to ensure samples are collected at the optimum time bearing in mind geographical location and conditions early in the year.

But note that if gcn are confirmed present, population estimates may still be required if a mitigation licence is required. 

If an eDNA test shows presence of GCN and consequently a population assessment is required for the proposed development and impacts, please ensure the project timetable allows sufficient time to undertake a full population size class assessment (i.e. the conventional 6 visits between March-June – see the GCN Mitigation Guidelines for details. This will require careful forward planning.