Great Crested Newt Surveys from Just £350

During the summer Calumma Ecological Services ran a special promotion on great crested newt habitat assessments. Interest was so high we've decided to keep the promotion in place until next year! Great crested newt single pond assessments (including report and KRAG database search) therefore remain available from just £350. 

Determing the likely presence of great crested newt is vital when considering planning budgets and timescales. We understand that wildlife surveys can sometimes be expensive and confirming the presence of species such as great crested newt on a site can have important implications for the proposed development. Establishing the presence of great crested newts at an early stage in the planning process can help to reduce overall costs whilst ensuring that the newts are adequately protected.  

Remember, wildlife legislation is there to protect the species concerned. It isn't there to stop development.