Bracken Control - Asulox Ban?

Bracken control expert and consultant Roderick Robinson says, “The situation is considerably better than it might be. UPL (United Phosphorus Ltd, manufacturers of asulam in India and suppliers of Asulox to the UK) have announced (via public written statements and their “bracken stakeholders group”’), that they intend to re-register Asulox for use on bracken in the UK.

“Whether UPL will succeed in this aim, will ultimately to be decided by the EU, and that remains to be seen. The compilation of a new registration dossier for Asulox will take until around 2017/18.”

It appears – and this is hugely important to all landowners and managers – that in the meantime all current stocks of Asulox must be sold by the end of this month and they need to be used by the end of next year.


Bracken is an important plant for many species, including adder. However, in some situations control of bracken can be important. Chemical control is more efficient and less destructive than mechanical clearance. The ban on sale of Asulox could therefore have far reaching consequences for reptile habitat management at some sites.