Bitterns Booming in UK Quarries

The minerals industry has long placed great store in the effective restoration of its sites, as the 40 year history of the Mineral Products Association’s Restoration Awards Scheme will testify. In October the Mineral Products Association and Natural England launched their inaugural Biodiversity Awards at the Royal Society in London.

CEMEX UK, in partnership with the RSPB, was the first operator to win this new award, for its positive, large-scale heathland restoration work at Rugeley Quarry in Staffordshire. Placing the needs of biodiversity firmly at the centre of its plans to create rare, lowland heathland habitat at this site, the company hopes to support priority BAP species including nightjar, tree pipit, woodlark, great crested newt and adder.


Good to see a story highlighting the positive work large commercial operations can achieve to promote biodiversity.